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Defy ageing process and age beautifully. This is what BotoxⓇ does. As we age, we develop more lines and wrinkles on our face because the underlying collagen diminishes with time. The solution is simple - Botox®. We use the latest and the most effective injection techniques to help you achieve natural youthfulness with minimal down time.

At Dr Tan & Partners, we strongly believe that beauty can be achieved with minimally invasive aesthetic procedures. Our doctors are highly trained and have many years of experience in injectable aesthetic procedures. We focus on the latest minimally invasive methods to achieve desired beauty effectively with minimal downtime.


Botox® can be used to treat these conditions:

Frown lines

Crow’s feet

Forehead lines

Marionette lines

Bunny lines

Jaw wrinkling

Face slimming

Face lift


Let our experienced doctors assess your face to give you the best outcome from the treatment.

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Our doctors have also mastered the latest injection technique to help you slim your face and achieve Korean stars V shaped face. Coupled with dermal fillers, you will be surprised how effective this face slimming treatment is.

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Fine lines and pores can be corrected with an advanced injection technique known as Mico-Botox. Combined with laser facial, micro-Botox smooths your facial skin and makes you look naturally youthful. 

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Pricing for Botox

Frown lines: $180 - $300

Crow’s feet: $240 - $360

Forehead lines: $120 - $150

Marionette lines: $60 - $100

Bunny lines: $60 - $100

Jaw wrinkling: $60 - $100

Brow lift: $60 - $100

Jaw slimming: $600 - $750

Face lift: $1000 - $1600

Micro-BotoxⓇ - $560

BotoxⓇ for excessive sweating (underarm/palm/scalp): $900 - $1500


(All prices are exclusive of 7% GST)

No consultation fee will be charged for BotoxⓇ treatment.