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Dermal Fillers


Most of you notice that your look changes gradually as you age. Do not be alarmed. It is a natural aging process. As we age, our faces naturally lose fat and collagen. They start to loose and sag. Smile lines and crow’s feet become more apparent.

Dermal fillers are materials (Hyaluronic acid) injected into the areas of the skin to reverse these skin changes, therefore reverse the effects of age on the face. You do not have to undergo a surgery to achieve a younger look.*

Click here to read about Dermal Fillers (玻尿酸) in Chinese (中文版)


What are they used for?

Dermal fillers are used to soften facial creases and wrinkles, and to enhance shallow contours.*

Cheeks / Mid face

As you age, your mid face or cheeks lose collagen and fat, making your cheeks look saggy and wrinkled. Fillers can be injected into the cheek area to restore volume and remove lines, making you look young and glowing.

Nasolabial folds

As you age, your laugh lines around the mouth become deeper. This can be easily corrected with dermal fillers.

Tear troughs

Your eye sockets become more hollow as you age. Having a prolonged duration of dark circles and eye bag contribute to a fine line showing underneath your eyes. All these can be corrected with dermal fillers.


Age, smoking, and other environmental factors can make your lips thinner. Fillers can be used to replace the volume and to shape your lips. You can achieve an irresistably sexy pouty lips with fillers.


Studies have shown that we are drawn to someone’s eyes and nose first. Fillers can help you achieve a higher nose bridge. Most Asians have a flat nose bridge. By enhancing the nose bridge with dermal fillers, your entire upper face becomes more attractive.


Most Asians do not have prominent chins. And as we age, chin bones tend to retract. Fillers can be used to augment the chin to restore chin projection and make one appear slimmer.


Pain is minimal. A numbing cream is applied on your face before treatment. With skilled and experienced technique, you can sit back and relax while your doctor does the work. You just need to wait and see the wonderful end results.*

How long does it last for?

Fillers generally last for 6 months to 2 years, depending on which type of filler is being used and which part of the face is being treated. Treatment can be repeated every 6 months to 1 year to achieve the best and a longer lasting result.*

Side effects?

Fillers contain Hyaluronic Acid and they are extremely safe. Side effects are minimal and are usually quickly reversible.

You may experience mild redness, swelling or itching right after the treatment. They usually go away after 1-2 days.

There may be small injection “wounds” right after treatment, but will disappear very quickly.

Sometimes, mild bleeding can occur at injection sites but it is easily stopped with a firm pressure on the bleeding site for a few minutes.

You will be instructed to not manipulate the treated areas because the injected products may shift with aggressive manipulation.

Rarely, allergic type of reactions can occur. Therefore, it is extremely important to inform the doctor if you are known to have any sort of abnormal reactions to hyaluronic acid or previous filler treatment.*


Anything else I should know before filler treatment?

As mentioned, you cannot have fillers done if you are allergic to hyaluronic acid, or have had any adverse reactions to previous filler treatment. It can be dangerous to you.

You should avoid dermal fillers if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Inform your doctor if you are on any form of medications especially blood thinning medicine.

Inform your doctor of your underlying medical conditions especially conditions such as SLE and rheumatoid arthritis.

If you have had cold sores at the treated area, filler injections may cause them to break out again. Also, if you have acne at the treated area, you may want to get your acne treated before having dermal fillers done.*


What you can do with fillers:


Midface: Restores volume around the cheeks

Tear trough: Smooth under eye-hollows and reduces the appearance of eye bags and dark circles

Brow lift: Lifts the corner of your brows to give you a more radiant look

Nose bridge: Gives a higher nose bridge

Smile lines: Makes smile lines less visible

Lips: Restores volume to give you irresistibly sexy lips

Chin: Augments chin to give you a sharper and more prominent chin

Marionette lines: Gets rid of the “sad” lines at the corners of your mouth


  • Long lasting effect

  • Procedure is quick, does not take up much of your time

  • Instant results

  • Minimal downtime

  • Natural looking

  • Most importantly, NO surgery!


Click here to read about Dermal Fillers (玻尿酸) in Chinese (中文版)


With correct and skilled injection technique, dermal fillers are wonderful if you want natural and safe results. The effects are immediate and you can look younger in no time. You can pop by and have a filler done at your break time, and go back to work feeling younger and more confident. And the best part is, no one will even notice you have had anything done!

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*Results may vary for individual.



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*Note:  The outcomes and results of this medical procedure may vary from person to person. Outcomes and results may not be guaranteed.


I would like to enquire about the cost of nose fillers for the bridge. I have done it before it Korea last December but they have started to wear off. Also, I would like to check is the filler is injected through the tip of the nose or on the bridge itself?
Dr Sii Sik Liong's picture

Nose filler is $800 ($856 with GST). The technique of nose filler really depends on what we are trying to achieve. It can be injected on the nose bridge or through the tip. It is best to come in for a discussion to know what your expectation is, so we can decide on what technique we can use to augment your nose with filler.

I would like to find out the cost for fillers for tear troughs as I understand that they are different from the ones for other areas. Will it be able to help with the appearance of dark circles?
Dr Sii Sik Liong's picture

Fillers we use for tear trough area are soft fillers. There are types. Juvederm costs $700, Restylane costs $500. This is before GST. Filler will help lighten the appearance of dark circles. If you are keen to come in, you can call 66942348 or contact us here to arrange an appointment.

Hi just wanted to ask what is the kinda price range for lip fillers? If I came in I'd just be looking at a little bit to fill out my bottom lip.
Dr Sii Sik Liong's picture

Lip filler is $500 - $700 before GST. If you are keen to come in, please call 66942348 to arrange an appointment, or contact us here

I'm a student, wanting a lip fillers . Can I ask how much And if I can come down. The full cost. As I need to save up
Dr Sii Sik Liong's picture

Lip filler is $700 ($749 with GST). If you are keen to come in, give us a call at 66942348 or email is at [email protected]

Hi , How's much to dissolve a small size filler ?
Dr Sii Sik Liong's picture

Please call 66942348 or email us at [email protected] to know the price. Thank you.

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