Fat Freeze Singapore - Fat Freezing Treatment (Cryolipolysis)

Fat Freeze Singapore - Fat Freezing Treatment (Cryolipolysis)

Fat Freezing (Freezes Away Unwanted & Stubborn Fat Cells)


What is Fat Freeze:

Fat freezing singapore is also known scientifically as cryolipolysis. It is a non-surgical fat removal treatment that freezes away unwanted and stubborn fat cells using cooling technology.
It saves you time and money that you would have used for gym memberships and extreme dieting regimes. It is an efficient way to reduce fat treatment in Singapore.

Did You Know

Fat freeze is a non-invasive treatment that uses cooling technology to specifically target fat cells without causing any damage or harm to surround tissues. It is a brilliant alternative to the rather risky liposuction procedure.
Clatuu Alpha fat-freezing device is unique in a way that it is designed with 360° Surround Cooling Technology for superior safety and efficiency. The versatile range of cooling cups fit all curves and contours from your chin down to the knees.

What can you expect:

Initial consultation and assessment by our Doctors and Aesthetic Consultants will be required in order to determine if fat freeze is safe and suitable for you.
Our Doctors and Aesthetic Consultants will assess your concerned body areas to determine if this treatment is suitable and safe for you. If deemed suitable, fat freeze treatment can be initiated almost immediately.
You will likely experience a deep tugging and cooling sensation on the treatment area during the first 5 minutes of fat freeze treatment. This will then slowly progress into a firm tugging or pulling sensation. 
Fat freeze treatment process is painless. Most people describe it as being very comfortable and tolerable. During the duration of treatment, you can sleep, rest, read a book or watch videos on your phone or tablet.
Each area of treatment takes approximately 50 - 60 minutes.
Immediately after treatment, you will have mild redness and numbness at the treated area which will usually disappear within 1-2 days. Mild sensitivity or achy sensation over the treated area may be expected for the following 1 week.
Visible improvement can be seen as soon as 3 weeks after the first treatment. More noticeable results will come in after a few sessions of treatment.
Fat freeze treatment can be repeated every 4-6 weeks to maximize the fat loss process.

Which areas can be treated:

  • Double Chin

  • Arms

  • Abdomen (Upper & Lower)

  • Inner thighs

  • Bra line & Backfat

  • Flanks

  • Under buttocks

  • Love Handles




How is Fat Freeze different from weight loss?

Fat freeze is often mistaken as weight loss. They are not the same thing.
Fat freeze removes unwanted and stubborn fat cells but it does not make you lose weight significantly. It contours your body reduces bulky areas and your clothes can fit better.
Weight loss makes your fat cells shrink but the amount of fat cells remains the same.
S Aesthetics Clinic Singapore recommends combining fat freeze (cryolipolysis) treatment with healthy weight management (diet, exercise, lifestyle) to achieve optimal fat and weight reduction and body contouring.

Fat Freeze treatment is non-invasive fat removal for women and men with minimal downtime.

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