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Looking for a skin treatment that is simple yet sophisticated and effective with minimal downtime? You have found your answer here: Clear + Brilliant Laser.   What is Clear + Brilliant? Clear + Brilliant is a revolutionary laser rejuvenation technology designed to combat and prevent skin ageing. It works by creating millions of microscopic treatment zones in the upper layers of the skin, which replaces damaged skin with healthy tissue and yields younger looking skin.  
milia seeds
Milia seeds are very common that they affect women and men of any age. They typically appear around the eyes, cheeks and forehead as small white bumps. They tend to stick around for a long time until you do something about them. Sometimes, they disappear spontaneously and appear again after a while.   What are milia seeds? They are small cysts on the skin filled with protein known as keratin. They usually appear spontaneously and the cause is unknown.
skin booster
Skin Booster Treatment or commonly known as 水光针 and most recently 婴儿针, has been a craze lately.  If you have never heard of skin booster (where have you been?), it is basically a series of micro injections of Hyaluronic Acid and/or Polynucleotide into your facial skin for hydration and anti-ageing purpose. Click here to learn more about Skin Booster Click here to learn more about Rejuran Healer Polynucleotide
I want to look younger
We see women and men of different age group every day, from young people in their teens to women and men in their 70s. But there is one thing in common – everyone wants to look younger. The universal request we get from our clients on a daily basis is – I want to look younger. What should I do? Let us give you some tips on how to maintain your youth.   Lifestyle
Face Lift
  Saggy face is one of the most common concerns among women and men who visit cosmetic doctors. It is impossible to avoid sagging as we age. We lose facial volume, facial structural support and our skin becomes less taut and less elastic so we succumb to the power of gravity, looking more saggy as we get older. One of the most common complaints we have from patients is - After giving birth, my face looks sunken and saggy. I look old!  
regenera activa
  Hair loss is such a common problem that almost all of us will inevitably suffer from hair loss at some point in our lives. The most common cause of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia (male pattern hair loss).  
爱美是每个人的权利,美丽是女人一生的事业。随着年龄的增长,男女的肌肤都会出现老化的现象,渐渐的失去胶原蛋白质,脂肪,水分等等。皮肤变成松弛,暗黄,粗糙,皱纹也开始越来越多。 要怎样才能回复皮肤的弹性,光滑与白皙水嫩呢?千万别错过韩国丽珠兰逆龄婴儿针!     Click here to read more about Korean Rejuran Healer in English (英语版) 韩国丽珠兰是什么? 韩国医美界现在最风靡的莫过于丽珠兰逆龄针了。丽珠兰含有高浓度的核苷酸 (PolyNucleotide), 采用了以人体皮肤组织匹配的三文鱼 DNA。换句话说,丽珠兰使用的是从三文鱼 DNA 抽出精致的多聚核苷酸。 三文鱼含有非常丰富的角质蛋白,抗氧化合物与抗炎物质,对抗老抗炎的方面有神奇的功效。  
Ultherapy, or commonly known as Ulthera (超声刀), is the only FDA approved medical device for non-surgical and non-invasive face lifting. It is one of the most performed non-surgical face lifting procedures worldwide.   How does Ultherapy work? The Ulthera system uses microfocused ultrasound to lift and tighten the skin through specific ultrasound technology mechanism.  Ultherapy bypasses superficial skin to deliver the right amount of ultrasound energy at the right depths and the right temperature.
nose bridge
 一个人脸上最明显而且最有特征的部位是哪里?研究表明,我们首先注意到的部位是眼睛和鼻子。 不挺不尖的鼻子让一个人看起来不太吸引人。一个更高更挺的鼻子增强了整个面部特征,并给人一种更苗条的脸的印象,这使你看起来更加优雅更有吸引力。 何必要开刀动手术来让你的鼻子更挺?开刀又可怕,又昂贵,恢复期又长。而且,开刀的风险非常高。   要有一个又挺又有吸引力的鼻子,是不必开刀动手术的。     非动手术隆鼻的方法有两种: 1) 鼻子填充剂(玻尿酸) 2) 韩国线雕隆鼻(埋线) 玻尿酸与韩国线雕隆鼻可以单独治疗或结合治疗,具体取决于个人鼻子的原型。结合这两种治疗方法,可以有效地为您提供最佳和持久的效果。
  Introducing S Aesthetics Clinic Skin Care Series. Meticulously selected and quality crafted. Safe medical grade skin care products for all skin types. Daily Skin Care, Anti-ageing, Pigment and Acne. There is something for everyone.   S Aesthetics Daily Skin Care series:   Hydrating Cleanser Milk Cleanser Toner Moisturiser Microdermabrasion Cream *Sunblock (best seller)   S Aesthetics Anti-ageing Series:   Hydrating Hyaluron Serum 
Skin ageing is inevitable. This starts as early as mid 20's. As we age, we suffer from deterioration in facial skin tone, elasticity, hydration, wrinkles, pores and scarring. This is why it is crucial to start early. With technology these days, delaying ageing process is no longer challenging.  
aqua facial
Looking tired? Dull and dry facial skin? Prone to pimple breakouts? Clogged pores? If you are tired of using facial products that offer minimal improvement, it is time to consult the professional who can address these facial skin issues. Remember: It is never too late to save your skin!   What is AQUA Kiss Facial Therapy?  
ipl skin rejuvenation
IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Skin Rejuvenation, also known as IPL photorejuvenation, is a popular “must-have” facial skin rejuvenation therapy these days. It is a non-invasive facial rejuvenation treatment designed to produce younger and healthier looking skin. Studies performed worldwide have shown that IPL photorejuvenation is much more superior than what facial cream and products can do.      What is IPL Photorejuvenation?  
venus ipl hair removal
Being gifted with more hair is not necessarily a blessing. Unsightly hair in unwanted places is arguably the main reason that stops us from wearing nice sleeveless top, good-looking bikinis and sexy backless dresses. Shaving and plucking your hair every other day is time consuming and uncomfortable. Waxing is expensive and extremely painful. All these methods give you mediocre results and leave irritating red inflamed marks on your skin, sometimes hyperpigmented scars.  
venus body tightening
As we age, our skin loses collagen and its elasticity. Our body accumulates more fat especially around the waist, tummy, thighs and upper arms. These inevitably lead to sagging, wrinkling and cellulite. You may not be able to hide your love handles that easily anymore. Fortunately, you can improve this or delay this process with Venus body Tightening & Contouring treatment.   What is Venus Body Tightening & Contouring?