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Milia Seeds Removal

milia seeds

Milia seeds are very common that they affect women and men of any age. They typically appear around the eyes, cheeks and forehead as small white bumps. They tend to stick around for a long time until you do something about them. Sometimes, they disappear spontaneously and appear again after a while.


What are milia seeds?

They are small cysts on the skin filled with protein known as keratin. They usually appear spontaneously and the cause is unknown.

Sometimes, you can get secondary milia. These are milia seeds that appear on skin that has suffered from injury such as blisters, burns, sun damage or long term steroid cream usage.


Are milia seeds harmful?

Milia seeds are benign skin growths. They are completely harmless. However, excessive amount of milia seeds can be disturbing for some people. They may interfere with skin care products and make up applications. They may also become distracting and cosmetically unsightly. Therefore, removing them is usually for comfort and cosmetic reasons.


How do I remove them?



Sometimes, observing may be good enough. Some milia will disappear spontaneously without any treatment but they can take months or years.


Topical treatment

Topical cream such as retinoids (vitamin A) is the least invasive treatment option. However, the efficacy varies from person to person. Some may not respond to topical treatment at all.


Laser treatment

Milia seeds can be removed immediately with laser treatment. However, recovery takes time. Numbing cream is usually applied prior to treatment to minimize discomfort. After removal, milia seeds can potentially recur.


Surgical treatment

Milia seeds can be removed by surgical scraping or de-roofing. Surgical treatment is the most invasive treatment. Small sterile needles are being used to removed the contents of the milia seeds. It is very effective but can potentially leave scarring.


Dermabrasion and chemical peel

The efficacy of dermabrasion and chemical peel on milia seeds is debatable. However, they are useful for preventing growth of new milia seeds.


If you want to get rid of milia seeds on your face, do not hesitate to contact us to get an assessment so we can recommend the best treatment for you.

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