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6 ways to prevent fungal skin infections

Fungal skin infections are common.  Sometimes, they are not easy to get rid of completely. Prevention is the key!

These are the 6 ways to prevent fungal skin infections:

1. Appropriate clothing

Wear clothes that fit loosely and made of breathable materials when you go out into a warm and humid environment. Fungi flourish in hot and humid weather. Wearing appropriate clothing keeps your body cool and dry, therefore preventing fungal skin infections.

2. Control your sweating

Sweaty areas on your body are prone to fungal infection. Keep sweating under control. Apply antiperspirant on your underarm. If you suffer from excessive sweating, see a doctor to get it treated. Excessive sweating can be treated by oral medication (Oxybutynin) and Botulinum toxin injection.

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3.  Appropriate footwear

Do not walk around bare-footed in areas such as swimming pool and common showers where the floor is wet. Fungi can be present on wet floors. Wear a pair of slippers!

Avoid wearing damp shoes. Damp shoes provide a great environment for fungi to grow. Try to alternate between 2 to 3 different pairs of shoes.

Change your socks daily. You can apply talcum powder on your feet and around your toes to help your feet stay dry. Alternatively, you can use baking soda!

4. Do not share towels

Ringworm is contagious. Avoid sharing towels, napkins and hair brushes. If your items have been infected with ringworm, use bleach to disinfect them before using them.

5. Monitor your health

Elevated blood sugar, prolonged use of antibiotics and/or steroids, and underlying medical conditions that cause excessive sweating can all make you more prone to fungal infections. See your doctor regularly to get your health monitored.

6. Get your pet treated

Ringworm is contagious. If your pet has been infected with ringworm, get it treated immediately. It can spread from pet to human.


If you suffer from fungal skin infections, consult a doctor to get treated properly. Poorly treated fungal skin infections may cause scarring and pigmentation, and they will keep coming back to cause you problems.

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