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Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers

At Dr Tan & Partners, we strongly believe that beauty can be achieved with minimally invasive aesthetic procedures. Our doctors are highly trained and have many years of experience in injectable aesthetic procedures. We focus on the latest minimally invasive methods to achieve desired beauty effectively with minimal downtime.

Fillers are uniquely designed materials injected into certain areas of the skin to restore volume loss, enhance facial features and remove fine lines. They are safe, effective and they produce instant results. Facial areas such as cheeks, nose, chin and lips can all be enhanced with filler treatment. Come in to speak to our doctors to get the best out of filler treatment.

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What you can do with fillers:

Midface : Restores volume around the cheeks

Tear trough: Smooth under eye-hollows and reduces the appearance of eye bags and dark circles

Brow lift: Lifts the corner of your brows to give you a more radiant look

Nose bridge: Gives a higher nose bridge 

Smile lines: Makes smile lines less visible

Lips: Restores volume to give you irresistibly sexy lips

Chin: Augments chin to give you a sharper and more prominent chin

Marionette lines: Gets rid of the “sad” lines at the corners of your mouth


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No consultation fee will be charged for filler treatment.