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Video Consultation


Video Consultation with our Doctor is now available at S Aesthetics Clinic, starting from 6/11/17.  This saves you the hassle of coming in physically to get a consultation done. 

You can do a face-to-face Video Consultation with our Doctor during specific timing of the day.


Please follow these steps if you wish to sign up for Video Consultation:

1. Open your web browser on your computer.

*Only desktop or laptop. You will not be able to use mobile phones to do operate this.

2. Go to this link:

3. You will see this:

4. Click "Sign Up" on the top right hand corner.

5. Proceed to Sign up with a valid email address.

6. An email will be sent to your email address to complete sign up process. Please check under the SPAM folder if it does not appear in your INBOX.

7. In the email, click "Complete Sign Up", and you will be directed back to the website. 

8. Fill up your details, followed by downloading and installing VSee programme (download should be automatically activated after you complete sign up).

9. Install VSee with the downloaded .exe file. 

10. You would have received another email that says "You can now log in to REPUBLIC HEALTHCARE anytime..."

11. Now that you have set up your accounts, you can view the available appointment slots available, and book an appointment with our doctor for a video consultation. Appointment duration is 15 minutes.


Video Consultation Terms & Conditions

Please ensure that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions prior to video consultation.

1. Consultation

In order to maintain our professional and ethical standards, we charge a professional fee for video consultations with our doctors.

Consultation fee is $45 for a 10-minutes consultation. If consultation exceeds 10 minutes, you will be charged an additional $45 for every subsequent 15 minutes.

*Video consultation should never be regarded as a replacement for a face-to-face doctor consultation. You should physically see a doctor immediately if you have any health concerns.

2. Liability

It is the client's responsibility to ensure that he or she provides S Aesthetics Clinic with all relevant medical details. S Aesthetics Clinic will not be liable for any damange that occurs as a result of the client's failture to disclose such details.

3. Payment terms

All video consultation fee must be paid on the same day of consultation.

We reserve a right to change the fee amount from time to time.


If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to email us at 

Or you can click here to contact us

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