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Laser Facial

LASER Facial is a quick and effective way to rejuvenate your facial skin. Why go through hours of chemical facial when you can have a Laser facial rejuvenation done in 10 minutes that gives you way better results? We utilise the latest and safest LASER technology to help you achieve a smooth radiant face in a short period of time with no down time. You do not have to sacrifice your lunch time to look beautiful!*


Click here to read about Laser Facial (激光美容) in Chinese (中文版)

What is Laser Facial?

Laser Facial has taken over the traditional chemical facial in rejuvenating and revitalising facial skin. Using the latest Laser technology, Laser Genesis & Laser Carbon Peel, we help you save your precious time by revitalising your facial skin within minutes. You do not have to go through hours of facial treatment that usually gives you an inflammed facial skin that takes days to recover.*

How does it work?

Laser penetrates deep into your skin to stimulate collagen formation. It removes dead skin and unclogs pores. At the same time, it destroys pigments such as sun spots and freckles.

Laser Carbon Peel involves applying a layer of rejuvenation carbon (imported from Korea) on your facial skin before using Laser to destroy them into microparticles. This is always combined with Laser Genesis rejuvenation technology. This way, we can unclog the pores, remove the dead skin and rejuvenate your face. The carbon microparticles also rejuvenates your facial skin at the same time.

What results do I expect?

Our clients who have been treated with Laser Facial (Laser GENESIS/ Laser Carbon Peel) noted a visibliy smoother, tighter and softer facial skin texture, smaller pores and scars, and brighter and more radiant facial skin tone. Over time, facial spots such as sun spots  also became lighter. The results are remarkably satisfactory.*

Laser Carbon peel is especially suitable for oily or acne prone skin. It can help reduce oil and acne breakouts.

What about down time?

Rest assured. Unlike traditional chemical facial, Laser facial has NO downtime. You can come in for a laser facial during lunch break and go back to work immediately. No one would even notice anything apart from you looking more radiant after lunch!

Is it safe?

Laser facial is very safe with minimal side effects. In the worst case scenario, your face may appear slightly reddish right after the procedure which disappears within minutes.*

How often can I have Laser facial done?

You can have Laser facial done every 2-4 weekly. This will help improve your facial skin tone and maintain your collagen formation consistently.*


Laser facial can benefit both men and women. Even if you do not have any pre-existing skin conditions, you can still have laser facial done to improve your skin and maintain and natural good facial skin.



Click here to read about Laser Facial (激光美容) in Chinese (中文版)


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*Note:  The outcomes and results of this medical procedure may vary from person to person. Outcomes and results may not be guaranteed.


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