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How to Reduce Underarm Sweating


It is hot and humid all year round in Singapore. You just cannot run away from sweaty underarm. Just take the the MRT during rush hour and observe the commuters’ underarms (I know it sounds disturbing). You know what I mean.


Excessive sweating is a common problem. Underarm sweating bothers people a lot because it gives unpleasant odor and it is embarrassing. Thankfully, you can do something about it.


Previously, I have written an article on 7 ways to get rid of excessive sweating. In this article, I will focus on two effective medical treatment for underarm sweating.



Oral treatment


This is by far the most popular treatment choice for underarm sweating. It is convenient, easy to execute, and most importantly, you feel like you are in control. Most people who suffer from excessive sweating often feel helpless because their lifestyle and social life get taken over by this problem. By starting on oral treatment, they put the problem under control.


What is it?

Oxybutynin is most commonly used oral treatment in Singapore, and is only available by prescription. It acts by blocking a chemical (acetylcholine) existing naturally in your body that contributes to sweating.


Is it effective?

Studies have shown that it successfully treated excessive sweating in about 80% of people after 12 weeks of treatment. The effect varies in each individual: some after a few doses, some after a few weeks. It typically takes 1-2 hours after ingestion of the table to have the effect of reduced sweating.


Does it also reduce sweating in other areas?

Of course it does. By taking this medication, sweating is reduced in general.


How long does it last?

Oral treatment is reversible. The effect wears off after about 6-8 hours, after which you can go for your evening jog and sweat it all out!


Side effects?

Oxybutynin does have side effects such as dry mouth and constipation. However, most people tolerate it very well. It is important to consult a doctor to understand the dosage and potential side effects before taking it.


Botulinum injection

Botulinum or BOTOX® injection can be given in the underarms to reduce underarm sweating. It is a more targeted treatment if you compare it to oral tablets.


How does it work?

Botulinum toxin is a natural, purified protein with the ability to temporarily block the secretion of the chemical that is responsible for “turning on” the body’s sweat glands. By blocking or interrupting, it “turns off” sweating at the area where it has been injected.


How is it done?

A fine needle is used to inject tiny amounts of Botox just under the skin throughout the area of underarms. Multiple injections are needed. It can be done on the same day visit.


Is it effective?

Botox has been shown to result in 82 – 87% decrease in sweating if used in underarm.


How long does it last?

It typically lasts for about 4-6 months, after which you will need repeated treatment if you like.


Side effects?

It is very safe for underarm treatment. You may experience some redness, swelling and bruising at the injection sites but they will disappear very quickly.


Oral medication and Botulinum injection are 2 effective treatment for underarm sweating. If you suffer from excessive sweating, do not hesitate to contact us or visit us at our clinics to speak our doctors to get treatment.


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